Rachel Leah Photography | Locations






We are VERY fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful and diverse islands (at least in MY opinion)! Because of this, the options are almost endless. If you and your family has a specific location or park that holds sentimental value, or you just think it’s gorgeous, I am absolutely willing to do your shoot at that location. If the location exceeds 20 miles round trip, an extra fee will be applied for travel and time traveling, which we will discuss as we figure out locations. 


If you have absolutely no clue where your outdoor session should be held, don’t fear. Aside from holding shoots at a ton of different locations, I also like to roam around in my spare time because I am just in love with everything God’s made out there.


Here are some examples of my favorite places that seem to work well for photoshoots... I will try to include a link to each places website, but not all of them have a website because they are semi-random pieces of land. 






Middle Island, NY


This is where I held my Autumn Mini Shoots this past year. It is a beautiful pine forest unlike any other on Long Island, and since it is full of evergreens, it is beautiful all year round, whether winter or summer. Ideal for anyone who wants to have a shoot with very little distractions (is it rare you run into many people there). There is also a sod farm in the back and small field in the front if you would like a few photos also taken in a grassy area. 





Stonybrook, NY



I have held endless outdoor sessions here and love it for it’s extremely diverse layout, making for MANY different photos with varying scenery. This is also a beautiful place any season, as some months there are fields bursting with flowers, and other times just wide open grass fields. There is also a lush green forest (also beautiful in autumn), as well as a beautifully landscaped area including little bridges & waterfalls, stone labyrinth, walkways, and duckpond. 





Great River, NY



I have also held many here, and also love the variety of possible shoots here. In the spring there is usually a tulip field planted, but even in the winter the beautiful lakeside is great scenery. There is also an old mansion there with some lovely architexture that works great for anyone’s portrait. Photos an be taken by the lake, on bridges, open fields, flower bushes, flower fields, bamboo area, and so on. During the warmer months it cost $8 to get in.





Lloyd Harbor, NY



Another gorgeous place I love for many different reasons. This is a huge place with many old buildings for some fun scenery and background, as well as big open fields, wooden trails, gorgeous landscaping, rose gardens, and so on. I don’t remember the exact price for parking, but I know it does cost something (I think something around $10 perhaps).





Fire Island, Shirley, NY



Beautiful beach on the south shore that offers a variation of scenery between the picturesque boardwalk, beautiful dunes, and then of course the soft white sandy beach and big giant ocean. This is best for shoots later in the day so we can include shoots at the end during the gorgeous sunset. 





East Setauket, NY



Another beautiful beach, but this one is on the North Shore, so it is therefore VERY rocky and has a smaller body of water, though still gorgeous! For most of the summer the sun sets directly above the water at this beach, so it makes for good photos late in the day to also get in some sunset silhouette photos at the end of the shoot. It also offers a fun added variation to the photos with many cute BRIGHT colored cottages that I happen to love!